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100 Percent Dog Lover

You are a true, passionate dog lover that genuinely enjoys the warm, loving relationship of a dog and its owner. You love leading an active life with your dog by your side and the honest, happy-go-lucky personality of a canine companion. Cats just don't cut it for you.

100 Percent Cat Lover

To you, the cat's meow is, well, a cat's meow. You are the epitome of a cat lover and probably have a sweet collection of cat paintings, cat T-shirts, cat apps and cat memes, and cat calendars. It's true, isn't it? Your dream is to one day own a thousand cats. Dogs, to you, just aren't worth the trouble.

Equal Parts Cat and Dog Lover

When it comes to cats and dogs, you are an equal-opportunity lover. You appreciate cats for their beauty, intelligence, and agility, and dogs for their personalities, humble natures, and loyalty to their people. You dream of living in a peaceful household with both a dog and a cat someday, if you don't already!

75 Percent Dog Lover, 25 Percent Cat Lover

You like cats, but they just don't cut it for you--especially when compared to dogs. You appreciate cats for their aesthetic beauty, graceful movements, and sweet purring--but all of that just cannot hold a candle to the happy panting, tail thumping, and genuinely good nature of a dog.

25 Percent Dog Lover, 75 Percent Cat Lover

You like dogs, more or less, but when it comes to animals, you are more of a cat person. You respect the cleanliness, regalness, independence, and subtle respect that comes with a cat, and you would prefer the gentle purring of a cat to the loud, annoying barking of a dog any day.

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