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Not Paying Attention at All

You missed so many questions on this quiz that we're not even sure you've actually seen more than a couple episodes of 'Breaking Bad.' If not, then we highly suggest you start watching from the beginning. You will be glad you did!

Half Watching the Show, Half Browsing Facebook

Let's be honest. 'Breaking Bad' is just not your favorite show at all. The violence, swearing, drug use, and crude scenes are all just a bit too gritty for you to enjoy. May we suggest 'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Scandal,' or 'Bones'? You might like those shows better!

A Casual Fan

You like the show 'Breaking Bad,' but you're not obsessed with it at all. In fact, it's not even one of your favorite shows, which is why you missed so many easy questions on this quiz!

A Fan of the Show

Just like anyone else, you love the show 'Breaking Bad' and watch it casually. You aren't obsessed with it, however, which explains why you have forgotten so much about it! Are you watching the spin-off, 'Better Call Saul'? You should--it's just as good as 'Breaking Bad'!

A Casual Superfan

You know quite a lot about the AMC show 'Breaking Bad'! In fact, you love it so much, you'd probably enjoy watching it all over again just to remember the parts you missed on this quiz--not that you missed that many!

A Total 'Breaking Bad' Superfan!

You know everything there is to know about the AMC show 'Breaking Bad.' In fact, you are such a fan of the show, you probably know everything there is to know about it's spin-off, 'Better Call Saul' too! Congratulations on your eagle eye for details and your super memory!

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