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Are American and Proud!

You are so totally American, and everybody knows it. You love real football, drive-through fast-food joints, and reality TV. God bless the USA!

Are Almost American

You don't know yet whether your favorite color is red, white, or blue. And you don't know which news channels to trust, so you just watch them all, and that can get a little confusing. Your heart is in the right place though, so you'll figure it out one day. Good luck!

Are a Slightly Embarrassed American

With current politics and the mess that is American pop culture, you can't really be sure of anything anymore. Just bury your head in the sand and wait, oh, four years or so. You'll still be American when you come out again.

Are Not At All American

You actually have class and culture that you didn't rip off from someone else. And you aren't too snobby about it, which is nice. Maybe the Americans can learn something from you.

Wouldn't Touch America with a 10-Foot Pole

Sit back and sip your tea while the Americans get up to all their usual shenanigans and embarrass themselves. It's funnier (and safer) from a distance.

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