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The Opposite of a Narcissist

Your partner is a kind person and their insecurities come from a place other than narcissism. They need to focus on being more secure in them self and then your relationship can really start to flourish.

A Normal Person

Your partner is as normal as they come. They have a healthy sense of self and you two have a pretty healthy relationship. Keep working on yourselves and the relationship and the two of you as a couple should be amazing!

Someone Who Is Slightly Narcissistic

Your partner overall is pretty normal. Sometimes you see some narcissistic qualities in them but not much above an average person. With a little work, they should get over those tendencies pretty easily.

Someone Who Has Narcissistic Tendencies

Your partner is slightly narcissistic. They do things pretty often that make you question if they care more about them self than they do about you. Maybe bring up the topic to your partner so that way the two of you can work on it and overcome their tendencies!

A Narcissist

Yes, your partner is a complete narcissist. Consider either leaving them or talking to them and seeing if they are willing to go get help from a medical professional. You definitely don't want to be in a toxic relationship with someone who doesn't truly care about you!

A Full-Blown Narcissist

You could not get more narcissistic than your partner. All they care about is them self. They truly believe that they are above everyone else and that they are absolutely extraordinary. Maybe see if they are willing to go get help from a professional, if not leave them!

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