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Are You Democratic or Republican?

Take the Democrat or Republican Quiz to find out which political party you should join. This quiz will ask you questions about your political beliefs. Based on your answers, the quiz will answer the question, 'Are you Democrat or Republican?'.


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The United States is divided into two political parties. It is essential to know which politicians you agree with on significant issues. Knowing the group you agree with will assist you in selecting a candidate to vote for in upcoming elections. This is your opportunity to have a say in what goes on in your country.


When you take the democrat vs. republican test, you will find out who you side with. The group you agree with will play an essential role in the people you vote for during election time. Who you vote for will determine the fate of the nation for the next four years.


This should be an enjoyable activity for you to participate in. The test you are about to take will show you where you stand on major issues. If you do not know your position on major issues, you cannot have a voice in what happens to you and the country as a whole.


Don't be greedy and hog all the fun in deciding, 'Am I Democrat or Republican?'. Take the time to share your results with your friends and family. Convince them to join and find out where they stand. Then let them share their results with you to see if your views are similar or different.

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Are You Democratic or Republican?

Elections are held every four years for the presidential race. Congress has elections every two years. You are about to take the Democrat vs. Republican quiz. You are getting the opportunity to gain an understanding of which political party you belong to.

Understanding Political Parties: How Knowing Your Belonging Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

The political party you belong to indicates where you stand on major issues in society. In order to make informed decisions, you need to understand the agendas and beliefs of both sides. Once you know which party you belong to, it will be easier to decide which candidates to vote for during elections.

Understanding Your Values: Take this Assessment to Determine Where You Stand on Today's Pressing Issues

There are many pressing issues in today's society. In this assessment, you will be asked a series of questions concerning many different aspects of these issues. Understanding your values and where you stand on all these aspects will determine which side you take.

Possible answers:

  • 100% Republican
  • 80% Republican, 20% Democrat
  • 60% Republican, 40% Democrat
  • 60% Democrat, 40% Republican
  • 80% Democrat, 20% Republican
  • 100% Democrat

Share your result with friends to see that they are democrats or republican!

You will discover the answer to the question "Are You Democratic or Republican?".

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Your opinions

100% Democrat
Everything the left touches, it destroys - God bless America
I'd like you to be aware that George Washington wanted there to be NO political parties, hence the fact that he did not join or create any, despite pretty much being a federalist.
This was a cute little test. I had my son take it to help him decide what was important to him. Thank you for having this.
It says I am 100% Republican. I had to think very hard on some of the questions.
I feel as though I am mostly Republican but do also respect and uphold some Democrat views. I believe in a general healthcare system because no one should have to suffer because they can't afford medical help.