Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

Of course, you are born already knowing what you are and knowing you can't change that. But have you ever wondered hypothetically, if you were to take a test if you would be considered more of a boy or girl? Take the Are You A Boy Or A Girl Quiz and find out once and for all!


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Are you Ready For The Truth

You are about to take the Am I A Boy Or Girl Quiz. The types of questions you will be asked during this quiz will examine whether you like to work with your hands or if you mind doing dirty work, clothing preferences, activity preferences, and more.

You Can't Handle The Truth

Based on your answers to the Are You A Boy Or A Girl Quiz, you should now have an idea whether you are a boy or girl. Just because you get a result that is less than desirable for you, it is ok.

You won't Have Fun Until This Quiz Is Done

Don't be caught being the person who missed out on all the fun. Make sure to take the Am I A Girl Or Boy Quiz to find out what sex you are, and have a ball doing it! You won't regret it!

Don't You Dare Not Share

You would not want those close to you to keep something positive from you, would you? It is one of life's golden rules to treat others how we would like to be treated. Share the Are You A Boy Or Girl Quiz with those closest to you and give them the opportunity to find out if they are boy or girl.

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Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

There are some of us in the world who feel as though we were born in the wrong body. Some women feel as though they should have been born a man, whether it is due to suggestions from others, personal opinions, or things they actually do.

There are men who feel this way also. And that is ok. Now, of course, we are all born knowing what we are. But if you are curious to know what you hypothetically are, or want to see how accurate of a comparison the quiz is to what you really are, take the Are You A Boy Or A Girl Quiz.

It is important that we all know who we are, where we come from, why we are the way we are, and what we are to have a proper understanding of ourselves. Even though this was designed to be a fun activity, the whole point is to get you to look further into yourself and think outside the box. If you take the Am I A Girl Or Boy Quiz, and the results closely resemble who and what you really are, take the time to really learn what this means in relation to who you are.

You will discover the answer to the question "Are You A Boy Or A Girl?".

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Your opinions

Damn, it says I'm a boy.
This quiz was enjoyable.
I'm a girl, But this quiz thought me as a boy.
I'm genderfluid, but the test said I'm a boy
lol, I got 90% boy, and I'm a girl;-;
I took it twice!
Guess what, quiz makers!!! I got boy, and it guessed right!