Whose Name Is In Your Heart?

The ones we love never truly leave us, so who's name is in your heart? It could be an ex, your current partner, or the one that got away. Take this quiz to find out whose name is written in your heart.


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Who Holds the Keys to Your Heart?

The human heart is a deep ocean of secrets. The one you're keeping could be the soul whose name is still etched upon your heart. Answer a few questions about yourself, your past relationships, and those lovers you never got a chance with to uncover who is in your heart.

Have Fun Uncovering Your Heart's Secrets

We aren't psychics, and this quiz isn't backed by any scientific research, but the fun questions in our romantic online quiz will inspire you to think twice about that date you almost went on and bailed. Could they have been the one?

Your Heart Holds the Answer

If you're wondering whose name is still etched onto your heart, be honest. You can't lie to your own heart, so follow your intuition and answer these questions as honestly as possible to learn whose name you still carry with you.

Uncover the Secrets in Your Friends' Hearts

Share this Whose Name Is In Your Heart Quiz with your friends to learn whose names they're still carrying with them. We all have our fair share of secrets, and you never know which friend still needs a little help letting go and moving on.

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Whose Name Is In Your Heart?

No matter where life takes you, the ones you love will always be with you. Even the ones you have loved in the past leave long-lasting scars on our hearts, and the ones that got away can fill our hearts with regret and longing. If your heart feels heavy, you could be holding on to the name of a past lover.

Whose name is in my heart? That depends on your past relationships.

The name could belong to your current partner or an ex you never got over. Maybe it's someone you never got a chance with, and now your heart is lost in a series of What Ifs that play over and over again. Step out of the cycle and start letting go with this fun online quiz.

Our Whose Name Is In Your Heart Quiz asks you some straightforward questions about what it's like when relationships end and what you do to heal and move forward. Whether you felt like a failure after the breakup or a sense of relief can reveal whose name still lingers in your heartstrings.

The relationships we have had can have a profound effect on us, and the way we look at ourselves is influenced by those we've loved in the past. Take a closer look at the whose name is written in your heart in this Who Is In Your Heart Quiz.

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A current partner, so true
Duh I haven't any relationship but this could be my future
We both did like each other,I never told them and now they like a friend...it's okay though.As long as they're happy... :') I will still write songs for them and love them with all my heart until I've moved on.
I got an EX PARTNER!!! I am only 16 and I know it's true... sadly
I got an ex partners. true bc the guy I liked last year turned out to be an a** and did drugs so he was not the right guy for me plus I'm only like 13-14 and I have a whole life a head of me!