Who Is Your True Friend?

You might have a lot of friends in your life, or just a select few near and dear homies who are close to your heart. No matter how big (or small) your crew is, find out who is your true friend now in our true friendship quiz.


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Who is your true best friend?

A true friend is someone who is always honest, generous with their time and shares it with you, and dependable when others justaren't. Answer a few questions about soulmates, social media, and who you spend the most time with to find out which friend in your crew is true blue.

How do you know a true friend?

We aren't interpersonal therapists, and no research went into writing this quiz, but we do know how important friendships are. We truly love our best friends and want to help you find a real friendship with our How To Know If You Have a True Friend quiz.

What's the secret to a true friendship?

There are 5 characteristics of a true friend, and honesty is always at the top of that list. Being honest with your friends and yourself is the most important thing you can do in any relationship. Answer these quiz questions as honestly as possible, too, to get the best results.

Am I a good friend?

Share this real friend quiz now to find out who your true besties are and who is just here for the party. But don't forget - relationships take two, so find out if you're also a true blue friend in our best friend quiz.

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Who Is Your True Friend?

The top 5 characteristics of a true friend are dependability, accountability, and being trustworthy, honest, and generous. If any of your friends check all of these boxes, then you're lucky enough to have worthy and reliable friends who deserve to spend time with you.

But who is your true friend? Find out now in our real friend quiz.

To determine if a friendship is real, make sure this person is someone you can depend on. You want to know for sure that they're always honest with you and keep your secrets close to their heart. The quiz asks questions about your soulmate, who you call the most, and who you spend the most time with to uncover which relationship is the most important to you.

Who is a true friend? It could be your doggo, or maybe it's your mom - you have known her all your life. But if you game online and voice chat on Discord with homies all over the world, your phone just might be your true friend. This true friendship quiz will help you narrow it down and determine who is your true blue bestie through thick and thin.

Once you find out who your true friend is, reach out and share your results with them to let them know how much they truly mean to you.

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Your opinions

ok very true but my BFF and i r REALLLLLLLLYYYY close ive known her since i was 4 months old! P.s i got my mum
i got best friend. equals to partner right?
My true friend is my phone
My true friend is My MOM!!!! OMG IT'S true
my true friend is my phone and its true
its my childhood friend its true
It was soo funny btw ı got childhood friend and ıta true at least ı think soo
That right my dog is my true friend. But he is died i wanted to meet him again and again . Hope my dog is .....fine in heaven i know how much i love her she died when i am 10 :( :( :( true story
I like the quiz. It kind of fun. I got Childhood friend.
My phone I never share anything about myself except for my phone