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What Will My Baby Look Like?

Whether your baby is on the way or just a twinkle in your eye, you might have wondered 'What will my baby look like?' You can find out by just taking a few minutes for this fun baby look predictor!


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Fun Baby Look Predictor

Sonograms show outlines, but what about the details and personality? This fun quiz will give you an idea of what your bundle of joy will look like. Afterward, you can leave us a comment to let us know how it felt to find out what your baby will look like!

What Will Our Baby Look Like Quiz

It's always fun to imagine what you and your partner's future will be like. For example, what will your baby look like based on you and your mate's features. Even if you aren't dating or married, you can still image your baby with your ideal match.

Your Baby Look Quiz Answers

Find out what your baby will look like by answering some easy questions about your and your partner (real or imaginary). You can even use your favorite celebrity! At the end, you will have interesting results to share on social media!

Share the What Would My Child Look Like Quiz Now

Will your baby have your dimples? Will he or she be cute like the other parent? Share this with your partner, your family, and all your family and friends. Especially the ones who want to have a child of their own too!

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What Will My Baby Look Like?

When two people get together (or science intervenes), expectant parents often wonder what their baby will be like. Will your features be the strongest? Or will your child look more like its other family members?

Discover Your Future Baby's Features with this Fun Predictor Quiz

This fun predictor quiz will reveal if your child will have soft skin, dreamy eyes, or chubby cheeks! All you have to do is answer a few questions about your appearance. And remember, you are only half the picture. So, you will need to let us know what your partner looks like too. Or maybe, your baby will take after someone further back in your family line Like your great grandfather or your second cousin twice removed!

Discover Your Future Babe's Looks and Share Your Thoughts!

In just a few seconds after you answer the questions, it will be time for the big reveal! Feel free to leave us a comment. Tell us: Were you surprised with your results? What do you like about the look of your future babe?

'Share Your Future Baby's Description and Take the Quiz with Your Loved Ones Now!'

Guess what? You can share your description of your future infant with your coworkers, family, and friends. Then, they can take the test for themselves to find out what their own baby will look like! What are you waiting for? The sooner you take the quiz, the sooner you can learn the results!

Possible answers:

  • An Angelic Beauty
  • A Cutie Patootie
  • A Charmer
  • An Enchanter

Share your result with friends to see what they babies look like!

You will discover the answer to the question "What Will My Baby Look Like?".

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Your opinions

Mine is angelic too.
They say my baby is a cutie Patootie. Do you mean a cute potato?
I found out that I will love a lot of stuff with my husband.
An Angelic Beauty Your baby is going to be a delicate darling, with fair, skin tone, pretty light eyes, and silky (almost-straight) hair. Your baby's beautiful features will definitely make heads turn around with everyone wanting to have a quick glimpse of their cuteness. Don't be shy because this is an angel visiting Earth to spread love and happiness! Omggg My nickname my baby gives me is Angel too. Awww!
What will my baby look like quiz: He will have his dad’s charm. Aww, his only trait he got from me is my enchantment.
My daughter is already nine and she is a true born charmer!
I hate how every quiz I see people complaining about it! Ugh!!!!! Be happy sometimes! You don't know what will happen in the future!!!!!!!! (I got Enchanter).
My baby is A Cutie Patootie!