What Movie Describes Your Life?
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How would you describe the town you grew up in?

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What Movie Describes Your Life?

Is your life so bonkers sometimes you feel like you're on a movie set? Something is always going wrong, or a ridiculous prank just went down. And at any moment, a director will yell 'Cut!' and the madness will end, right?

If this sounds just like a normal day in your life, this movies that describe my life quiz was made for you. Whether you're constantly fighting with your sisters, or the lot of you just snuck out this weekend for a night of dancing, we can tell you which movie title describes your personality. From there, you can determine whether you're the MC, the sidekick, or the villain.

The questions in our What Movie Describes Your Life quiz will ask you to think about the risks you're willing to take and how far you're willing to go to achieve your dreams. We also want to know about the people helping you get there. Is it your best friend? Your mom? Your sister? Your partner?

It takes a whole crew to make a movie, and everyone plays a role. You don't need to be the Main Character to be the star of your own life. Every character in this movie called life is indispensable. Determine which part you play after you take this quiz and find out what movie describes your life.



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