What Is My Spirit Animal?

Did you know that everyone has a spirit animal that guides and helps us in certain life situations? Would you like to find out what your spirit animal is? If yes, take this quiz now! And the interesting thing is that the result may not be a surprise for you at all!


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You'll see a number of quiz questions about your personality. We'll ask you about your behaviors, habits, likes and dislikes. Be patient to go through all the questions till the end. Only this way you can find out what your spirit animal is.


Be honest while answering the questions but don't ponder on them for too long! It's not an exam and there are no wrong answers. The more spontaneous and intuitive you are the better! You've got all the answers within you :-).


When you're finished with the questions, you'll get the result - the name of your spirit animal with a short description. You'll also see a pie chart which shows all the possible results with the percentage of the quiz takers that got them.


Remember that it's just a quiz! It was made for entertainment. There's a grain of truth in every result but don't treat it too seriously as it is not supported by any scientific research. So just have fun and if you like it, share it with your friends!

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What Is My Spirit Animal?

According to some beliefs we all have a spirit animal that serves as our teacher and protector. During our lifetime you can have one or more spirit animals. You may have a personal interaction with that animal, it can be your pet for example, or you might experience more metaphysical encounters with it in altered states of consciousness, like dream time or meditation. Sometimes you may also feel an inexplicable affinity with some animals. This is how you can find your spirit animal. However, if you still don't know it, you must take this quiz!

Discover Your Spirit Animal: Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Very often you share some characteristics with your spirit animal. For instance you can be strong and protective as a bear, loyal as a dog, or free like a butterfly. This quiz examines your typical reactions in certain situations, opinions and preferences in order to reveal your spirit animal. The interesting thing is that you may not be surprised with the result. This quiz might just help you notice your spirit animal that has been around you for some time but somehow you haven't paid attention to it.

Humor disclaimer and call to share with friends

Keep in mind that this quiz is not based on any scientific study or whatsoever. It's intended just for fun so don't treat the results too seriously. If you like it, share it with your friends!

Possible answers:

  • Bear
  • Butterfly
  • Dog
  • Eagle
  • Fox
  • Horse

Share your result with friends to see what spirit animals they are!

You will discover the answer to the question "What Is My Spirit Animal?".

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Your opinions

I got an eagle. I am ok with this because I am a falconer and I love birds. So yeah!!!
I am a bear! It's true because I do care about my family and my actions and how they affect my family and friends 😊.
An eagle fits me perfectly!
A bear really describes me 😀!
Ok, I got a dog and it actually somewhat fits.
I got a horse, fits me perfectly👌!
I got a bear, that is exactly like me☺.
That is cool💟!