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Gemstone Quiz: What Gemstone Are You?

Love gemstones? Ever wonder - what gemstone are you? Find out now if you shine bright like a diamond, keep it cool like amethyst, or if you're a smoking-hot ruby with this fun gemstone personality quiz. We'll tell you which gemstone is best for your vibe.


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Which Gemstone Am I?

You already know your birthstone, now it's time to discover your gemstone. Tell us all about your hobbies, your perfect vacation, and your biggest dreams. Based on your answers, your gemstone will represent all the parts of your personality that make you shine.

Sparkle and Shine

No geologists were harmed during the writing of this gemstone quiz, and our questions aren't based on any of their scientific research. This fun gemstone personality test is more meant to inspire you into a new way of looking at yourself and the way you interact with these stones.

How Can I Identify My Gemstone?

To find out which gemstone is for me, be as honest as possible when answering. Remember, this quiz is all about YOU and not your birth month or zodiac sign. The more true you are to your personality, the more accurate your results will be.

Can I Guess My Friends' Gemstones?

Share this Which Gem Are You quiz now to let your friends know just how you shine. Then discover which gemstones represent their personalities and compare results. After you take the quiz, you'll see how your results compare to other quizzers across the globe.

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Gemstone Quiz: What Gemstone Are You?

What gem are you? Everyone can find out their birthstone, but there are more facets to your personality than just the month you were born. Find out all the ways you shine by taking this online gemstone quiz and answering a few questions about your lifestyle. We want to know all about you so we can find the perfect gem to match your personality.

What gemstone represents me? Your birthstone might represent the energy with which you came into the world, but another gem can speak to the person you've grown into. You could be a cool and reliable amethyst whom your friends rely on as a source of strength, or maybe you're an opal with an old, beautiful soul. The only way to find out is to follow your heart and be true to your personality.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more your natural beauty shines through, and this quiz will help you find the perfect gemstone to match that radiance. Deep green emeralds, wild red rubies, shimmering diamonds, and stoic sapphires all have a unique beauty that is all their own. Find out where your true beauty lies, then share this quiz with your friends to uncover their gemstones. You might unlock hidden pieces of your personalities and discover new things you never knew about one another.

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Your opinions

im a aquamarine but i got diamond :)
I got an Opal; But my birthstone is a ruby. I was about to chose chocolate brownie and then I saw the answer at the bottom
I got Amethyst the first try and Emerald the 2nd. Personally, I think Amethyst suits me way better.
í gσt ruвч ít knσwѕ mє ѕσ wєll
I got amethyst. Steven Universe is the best! I think amethyst represents me perfectly
I also got amethyst because I am peaceful and kind person I am happy who I am...
I got Opal! It really is a pretty gemstone
FAMETHYST GANG (Steven Universe ROCKS...get it?)
I'm a diamond. Welp now I'm some goddess now because I watch Steven Universe
Emerald! Does anyone know an Emerald in Steven Universe? Binging now!