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What Element are You?

Are you familiar with the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air? What if we told you there were more? Find out what's your element of power and more in this What Element Are You quiz. Take our element quiz now and share your results with your friends.


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What Element Are You?

Your elemental power is determined by the things that inspire you the most. The landscape you want to see, the romantic vibes that make your heart flutter, and a few more of your favorite things will tell us all we need to know to determine: what element am I?

Fun Element Quiz

We aren't meteorologists or even witch doctors, and none of these questions are backed by scientific research. Our What Element Are You test is just a fun way to get a new perspective of yourself and the power you have over your own destiny.

How Do You Know What Element You Are?

Our element quiz only works if you answer the questions honestly. Don't think too hard about the science behind the elements, just follow your heart and choose the answer that best fits your personality. If you don't like your results, take the quiz again and see what changes!

Find Your Friends' Elements

Get your results and share them with your friends to discover which elemental powers dominate your group. When you get your results, you'll also see how you compare to other quizzers and which elemental powers are the rarest and the most common.

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What Element are You?

Ancient civilizations across the globe recognized the elemental magic in the natural energies of our planet. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire are the most recognized of the elements, but there are two more you may not have considered.

Wood and Aether are other possible elements of power you may discover after taking this element quiz, and each will have different implications about you and where your future could be heading. Determining what element you are depends on how you answer the following quiz questions.

Each element comes with its own strengths and personal meaning, and knowing your element of power can help you better understand yourself and the decisions you make. Whether you're solid as the earth, insightful as the sea, patient as the trees, or passionate as the flame, you have an elemental power that is all your own. Find out what it is now in our What Element Am I quiz.

Once you know your element, you can channel its power and bring its positive energy into your life. Share this quiz with your friends to see what kinds of elemental energies are influencing you through the people in your life and how they impact your own element of power.

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Your opinions

This is SO cool! I always never felt like I got the right results for other elemental tests, and it's bc quintessence was never an option! BTW, I know it as quintessence bc of the awesome book series I'm reading, Keeper of the Lost Cities. Like post if you've read it or want to.
Aether?! Wow that's cool!
i am fire
Aether!? WOW!
im earth
im water