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What Element are You?
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It's second grade and your teacher is giving the lesson. What are you doing?

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What Element are You?

Ancient civilizations across the globe recognized the elemental magic in the natural energies of our planet. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire are the most recognized of the elements, but there are two more you may not have considered.

Wood and Aether are other possible elements of power you may discover after taking this element quiz, and each will have different implications about you and where your future could be heading. Determining what element you are depends on how you answer the following quiz questions.

Each element comes with its own strengths and personal meaning, and knowing your element of power can help you better understand yourself and the decisions you make. Whether you're solid as the earth, insightful as the sea, patient as the trees, or passionate as the flame, you have an elemental power that is all your own. Find out what it is now in our What Element Am I quiz.

Once you know your element, you can channel its power and bring its positive energy into your life. Share this quiz with your friends to see what kinds of elemental energies are influencing you through the people in your life and how they impact your own element of power.



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