What Book Should I Read?
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What are you doing for work right now?

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What Book Should I Read?

With the onset of the pandemic, people are at home more now than ever. This means people have more time on their hands than usual. Many people are taking on new and unusual hobbies and interests they otherwise would not have considered in the past.

When asking yourself the question, 'What book should I read?' there are several other riddles you'll need to solve to get the answer and make a final decision. One thing you need to take into account is what your objective is? Are you working towards a specific goal?

Another question you need to ask yourself and answer is, what kind of material do you enjoy reading? Do you like comedy, romance novels, drama, or informational material? It is vital to know what material you are interested in spending time reading. Otherwise, you will not finish the book and end up wasting your time.

Once you have figured out your objectives, goals, and material you find interesting, you are on your way to making a decision on a book to read. Taking this test will speed up the process considerably and make it easier to make a decision. So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking away.



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