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Would I Look Good With Short Hair?

Pixie cuts and mohawks aren't for everyone. Don't cut your hair until you're confident you'll look good in short hair. Our Would I Look Good With Short Hair quiz will give you a quick answer so you can get the right short hairstyle to match your face.


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Can I pull off really short hair?

The shape of your face and how you wear your hair will determine if a pixie cut suits you. Answer these questions about the products you use and how you style your hair, and we'll tell you if a short hairstyle is in your future.

Would I look good with short hair?

The questions in this Would Short Hair Suit Me quiz aren't backed by any cosmetology research, but we do love when people try out new looks. A pixie cut could be a refreshing new style if you're willing to risk it for a short hairstyle.

Does everyone look better with short hair?

Short hair and confidence go hand-in-hand, but not all short hairstyles look good on everyone. Answer these questions honestly, and don't be discouraged if you find you can't pull off a short look. Fashion is an experiment, so try out different looks to find out what haircut suits you best.

Will my friends look good with short hair?

If you can't pull off a pixie cut, maybe you can inspire your bestie to do it. Share our Would I Look Good With a Pixie Cut quiz to find out if your friends have the right face shapes that look good with short hair.

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Would I Look Good With Short Hair?

Does short hair make you look prettier? Sure it can - when you have the confidence to wear your hair the way you want it, your beauty will shine through like the sun. But short hairstyles are risky if you've never had a pixie cut before.

If you're too intimidated to get into the salon chair just yet, take our quiz now to find out officially - would I look good with short hair?

What hairstyle suits my face? How to tell if you would look good with short hair starts with the shape of your face and the current hairstyle you wear. Some short hairstyles for men and women are very low-maintenance. If you don't like having to style your hair every morning, a pixie cut could be the perfect look.

Other styles require a few products. If you're used to spending time on your hair, then you may be able to pull off an ultramodern short hairstyle. The only way to find out is to answer the questions in this quiz.

Whether you can pull off a short hairstyle, or literally any hairstyle, comes down to your self- confidence and personal style choices. You know what you look good in, and our Would I Look Good With Short Hair quiz will help you pinpoint exactly what kind of hairstyle you can pull off.

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yeah, I wouldn't look good with short. The only time it was short was when I was age 3-4.