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Which Superhero Are You?
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You wake up in the morning and look out your window! What weather are you hoping for?

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Which Superhero Are You?

As children, we are all made to believe in superheroes and grow up thinking that we will be a superhero when we grow up. It gives a young developing child something to look forward to in this cruel and harsh world.

Superheroes are much more than just something entertaining to watch on Saturday morning. Superheroes are good guys, role models and allow young children to learn the good values and morals we want them to have to lead a successful life.

Honesty, integrity, hard work, empathy, determination, and selflessness are some of the core values that make a superhero who they are. That is why you have the superhero and the villain or arch nemesis or bad guy. The bad guy is usually shady, dishonest, always out to get the good guy, and even though children are not old enough to know certain things cognitively, they all know enough to realize the difference between the two and who they should want to be.

By participating in the what superhero are you test, you have potentially accomplished two things. You now have the answer to the question, which superhero are you. Also, you have broadened your horizons on what a superhero is.



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