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Which Phone Should I Buy?

What is the #1 phone in the world? It's Samsung! But is the most popular phone the best one for you? Take our Which Phone Should I Buy Quiz to find out which hot new piece of mobile tech you should really spend your money on.


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Know What to Look For Before Buying a Phone

The questions in our phone quiz will help you narrow down what kind of smartphone you need. Tell us if you're looking for the best phone camera or the best gaming phone and we'll tell you which of the top 10 smartphones is the right match for you.

Have Fun Shopping for a New Phone

No consumer research went into this best phone for me quiz, but it can be a great starting point as you research which phone plan works for you. From Android to Apple, Samsung and Nokia, you have a lot of options, just don't forget to have fun while you shop!

How To Know Which Smartphone is Best

Your phone is an extension of you so answer these questions as intuitively as possible. We want to know how you use your smartphone so we can pair you up with the perfect match. Tell us what you need your phone to do and we'll tell you which smartphone will deliver.

Text Your Friends and Share This Phone Quiz

Before your friends ask you 'which phone should I buy?' - share this quiz! We can help the whole crew get on the right plan with the right phone. If you need a better camera or more pixels, we've got the answer in our What Phone Should I Get Quiz.

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Which Phone Should I Buy?

Before you sign another contract with your phone company, take a second to seriously ask yourself - what phone should I get? The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best smartphones for business professionals, but you may only need something to make phone calls and scroll Insta, which means an iPhone SE is plenty.

What if you need something with a better camera? Before you make that difficult decision between a Google Pixel and the iPhone 11, take this phone quiz to find out whether you really need the Android or the Apple.

Some online quizzes come with commercial incentives from companies who want quizzers to buy certain phones. Not this phone quiz! Our unbiased questions connect quizzers with the smartphone tech that matches their lifestyle and needs. It's an excellent place to start your research so you know what kind of phone you're looking for before you buy a new one.

With so many smartphones to choose from it's important to get your priorities straight before you buy. You want to get your money's worth and buy a phone that's going to fit your unique lifestyle. Answer these quick questions now in our What Phone Should I Buy Quiz to discover what you use your phone for most and how to find the right one to meet your needs.

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