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What Nationality Do I Look Like?
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What Nationality Do I Look Like?

We are all humans yet we differ in many ways, including our looks. Although no nation is homogeneous in terms of physical appearance there are some distinctive features typical for people from a certain country. Sometimes we can say that someone looks, for example, Swedish. That may be so because of their blond hair and pale skin that quickly turns reddish when tanned. The more south we go the darker skin and hair become.

Of course, these days people migrate freely and mix more so that's why even in northern Europe or America we can meet people of African or Asian ancestry. The way we look depends on our genes, and these are determined, among others, by the place of our origin. Many factors, such as climate, weather, and various problems that our ancestors faced over many generations made their bodies adapt to the surrounding conditions and affected our present looks. Because of your roots, you might look like Italian or Chinese even though you were born, for example, in the USA.

If you want to find out what nationality you actually look like take this quiz! Keep in mind that it is not based on any scientific study or whatsoever. It's intended just for fun so don't treat the results too seriously. If you like it, share it with your friends!



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