What Should You Be For Halloween?

What Halloween costume matches your personality? Take our What Should You Be For Halloween Quiz to find out whether you should rock a retro costume, try and live out your fairy fantasy, or stick with a tried-and-true traditional look this Halloween.


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Who Should I Be For Halloween This Year?

What you love most about this spooky holiday can help you pick out a costume. Answer a few questions about your favorite Halloween festivities, what tricks you like to give out instead of treats, and how you carve your pumpkin, and we'll hook you up with the best Halloween costume.

This is Halloween - Have Some Fun!

Halloween costumes are supposed to be fun. Our What Should I Be For Halloween Quiz isn't backed by any research except our own love for the spookiest time of the year. If you love this holiday as much as we do, our fun quiz will find you the perfect costume.

Pick Out Your Favorite Halloween Costume

Whether you buy it at the store or make it yourself, the perfect costume is out there - just don't take yourself too seriously. Answer these questions to the best of your ability without thinking too hard. The best Halloween costumes are always inspired by your spontaneity!

What's the Squad Being for Halloween?

This isn't your average What Should I Be For Halloween Quiz. This is the best Halloween costume quiz for the trick-or-treaters who want to make heads roll. Share this quiz with your friends now to get the whole crew in on the costume theme for this year.

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What Should You Be For Halloween?

Looking for a What Should I Be For Halloween generator? You found it! This What To Be For Halloween Quiz is just a quick 29 questions away from telling you the best possible theme for your costume.

We never take ourselves seriously, and we want to inspire all of our quizzers to have a safe, spooky, and silly Halloween. And since it's time to start figuring out your costume plan, let us help you with a few creative ideas of our own.

From a creepy retro clown to a devious fairy in Seelie court, there are so many different ideas for a costume it can be hard to narrow it down to just one. We're here to help with a few questions about your favorite treats, tricks, and your feelings about haunted houses. (If you would never sleep in one, let us know because that can influence what kind of Halloween costume matches your personality best!)

No matter what vibe you're going for this spooky season, it's easy to find the best Halloween costume with our fun quiz. If you're spooky, you may lean toward a more traditional costume. If you're silly, a funny costume or animal onesie could be your best look. Just answer a few questions to find out whether you should be a monster, a ghoul, a Jedi, a pirate, or the darkest character from your deepest fantasy.

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I got an animal costume... How am I suppose to dress like an animal???
I got a retro costume
I got a traditional halloween costume but i should of got a retro costume
Magical Twins ... Or One In Two ??
I got traditional halloween costume. Not bad.