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What Should I Study at University?
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Which test do you think you'd get a higher grade in if you were taking each of these courses?

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What Should I Study at University?

The more you know, the further you can go. Millions of high school graduates are stuck because they don't know what they will do with themselves in college. Today is your lucky day! Take the 'What should I study at university?' quiz as the beginning of a solution to this problem.

There is a lot to think about when deciding on your major or minor in college. What is your goal in life? It makes no sense to go to college to be a mechanic when you want to be a lawyer. If you don't have a goal yet, think about your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at?

You will need to consider your financial situation, family situation, and general life situation when deciding your college major. If you come from a disadvantaged or low-income family, you will need to figure out how to obtain scholarships and or student loans to pay for tuition.

How long are you willing/ able to stay in school? Is it practical in your given life situation to sit in class for longer than four years? If not, it is best to choose a career path with the shortest route to certification and the fastest way to employment after college.



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