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What Shoes Should I Get?
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How many pairs of shoes do you have in total?

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What Shoes Should I Get?

Shoes are an essential part of every wardrobe. Have you ever put together a really awesome outfit only to discover that you don't have any shoes that look right with it? Or, have you found a super trendy pair of shoes that absolutely killed your feet after a few hours? These problems will be a thing of the past once you take this helpful and entertaining quiz about shoes! The easy-to-answer questions will identify what is most important to you while balancing looks and practicality. And guess what? You can take this quiz as many times as necessary. So, each time you get a new outfit, you can retake this quiz and find out what shoes you should buy or wear with it. You can also share this with any friends who have a hard time putting together outfits from head to toe. So, let's begin. After all, the sooner you answer all the questions, the sooner you will know the perfect shoes you should get!



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