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What Is Your Purpose in Life?
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You've got plans for the long weekend. What are you doing?

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What Is Your Purpose in Life?

What is your purpose in life? The answer to that existential question isn't easy, and it isn't always so obvious either. The point of life can seem impossible to understand sometimes. With so many paths to take and different opportunities waiting around every corner, our role in life can change over time.

While we may not always be clear about the meaning of life, you do know how to find your purpose in life - through inspiration! Whatever inspires you should pave the way for your life's journey.

With that in mind, this purpose in life quiz is designed to trigger your inspiration and get you thinking about life's true meaning. Answer a few questions about the kinds of values you seek out in your relationships, your hobbies, and your experiences to get an accurate idea of what direction your life is heading in.

While this quiz isn't backed by any psychological research, questions about how you decide to spend a long weekend can speak volumes about the top priorities in your life. Knowing where these priorities stack up can tell you about your role in life and where you're heading in the future. Take this quiz to know your purpose in life now and find a little inspiration from the tiniest, most mundane things.



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