What Color Season Am I?
Question 1 out of 29

What color is your hair (or was if it's gray or dyed)?

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What Color Season Am I?

How do you know your color season? You can give yourself an in-depth seasonal color analysis by researching your skin tone and watching hours of makeup tutorials on YouTube - or you can take this fun color season quiz!

Answer a quick 29 questions about your fashion choices, hair care, favorite color of nail polish, and where you take the best selfies, and we'll tell you which color season you are.

Your seasonal hue can influence the shade of your vibe, and knowing your color season will make it easier to shop and pick out the right styles. It doesn't matter if you're a cool winter color palette or a golden summer - what matters is that you like the way you look.

If you aren't sure of your results, put on an item of clothing in your seasonal color and see how it looks. If you look at your eyes first, then it's a great color for you. If your eyes go to your lips first, try another one.

Every color in your seasonal palette may not work for you, but the fun in finding out what color season you are is that now you have the chance to incorporate new colors and new pieces into your wardrobe. Before you go shopping next, take this season quiz now and share with your friends so you know exactly what to look for before you hit the mall.



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