What Am I Good At?
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How would others describe your singing?

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What Am I Good At?

Many talented people in this world usually have no clue of their potential. A majority of the population does not realize their full potential or live up to it. They often settle for less what they want, deserve, or are capable of.

There are many causes as to why we never know what our true potential is. One example of this is low self-esteem. Someone with low self-esteem will never realize their potential because they are usually too hard on themselves. So when they ask the question 'What am I good at?', they can't answer that question.

Another example of one of these causes is the fact that people simply do not believe in themselves. They are afraid to try and to take a risk, ultimately due to fear of failure. This form of self-sabotaging behavior results in not knowing what they are good at and what their purpose for existing is.

The first step to remedying this problem is to change the core belief you have about yourself. Don't tell yourself I can't. Instead, tell yourself yes, I can. To believe means you will achieve. The second step is to take the 'What Am I Good At?' test to give yourself a starting point in your new journey.



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