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Fast tattoo generator. This quiz will help you find man tattoo ideas. Whether it's your first or simply adding to your collection, we've got an array of brilliant tattoo ideas.


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Is this your first tattoo? Or are you just waiting for your ink to heal so you can go in for the next session? We want to know about the tattoos and piercings you already have, and your tattoo inspiration, to determine what tattoo you should get next.

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We aren't professional artists, but we do have some ink of our own. We created this tattoo idea generator to inspire you when you just don't know what kind of tat to get next. With big and small tattoo ideas, we bet you'll find the perfect ink for your personality.

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If you're born to stand out, our random tattoo idea generator will pick up on that and recommend a full sleeve or portrait. But if you'd rather get something small and meaningful, answer honestly. The more honest you are with your answers, the more accurate the tattoo randomizer will be.

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Are your friends looking for some tattoo ideas? If your crew wants to get matching tattoos, share this tattoo quiz for a bit of inspiration. Who knows what best friends tattoos you'll come up with when you compare results with other quizzers!

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Choosing a Tattoo

Tattoos are increasingly popular and more commonplace, but there are still many people who are unsure of what type of tattoo they want or how to go about selecting the right one. With so many options, choosing a tattoo can be overwhelming. The key to selecting the perfect tattoo is to consider all the factors that go into making a decision, such as personal taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Research and Planning

The first step in choosing a tattoo is to do some research and planning. Look at the different styles of tattoos and decide what kind of design you like best. It's also important to consider the size and placement of the tattoo, as this will affect how it looks and how it will be viewed by others. Think about the long-term implications of getting a tattoo, such as how it will look as you age and whether or not you will want to cover it up.

Choosing an Artist

It's also important to choose a qualified artist to do the work. Research local tattoo parlors and read customer reviews to find an artist that has experience in the style of tattoo you want. Make sure to ask questions about the artist's experience, the quality of the work, and the cost of the tattoo.

Design Considerations

When designing a tattoo, consider the meaning behind the design. Many people choose meaningful symbols or words that describe who they are or what they believe in. It's important to think about how the design will look from a distance and consider whether it will still make sense to you in the future.

Safety and Hygiene

When getting a tattoo, it's important to make sure the artist is using proper safety and hygiene protocols. Ask the artist about their sterilization procedures and make sure they are using clean, disposable supplies.


Once the tattoo is finished, it's important to take care of it properly. Follow the artist's instructions for cleaning and moisturizing the tattoo. This will help keep it looking its best and prevent infection.


The cost of a tattoo is another important factor to consider. Most tattoos will cost several hundred dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the design. Be sure to ask about any additional fees or costs and get an estimate of the total cost before getting the tattoo.


Finally, keep in mind that a tattoo is a permanent commitment. Once it is done, it is difficult to remove or change. Consider how the tattoo will look in the future and make sure it is something you are willing to live with for the rest of your life.

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