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What kind of tattoo should you get next? Think about if you prefer simple tattoo designs or are going in for a full sleeve. This tattoo generator quiz will choose your next tattoo for you or at least give you some random tattoo ideas before your next session.


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Is this your first tattoo? Or are you just waiting for your ink to heal so you can go in for the next session? We want to know about the tattoos and piercings you already have, plus your tattoo inspiration, to determine what tattoo you should get next.

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We aren't professional artists, but we do have some ink of our own. We created this tattoo idea generator to inspire you when you just don't know what kind of tat to get next. With big and small tattoo ideas, we bet you'll find the perfect ink for your personality.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Tattoos

If you're born to stand out, our random tattoo idea generator will pick up on that and recommend a full sleeve or portrait. But if you'd rather get something small and meaningful, answer honestly. The more honest you are with your answers, the more accurate the tattoo randomizer will be.

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Are your friends looking for some tattoo ideas? If your crew wants to get matching tattoos, share this tattoo quiz for a bit of inspiration. Who knows what best friends tattoos you'll come up with when you compare results with other quizzers!

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Tattoo Generator

Looking for a tattoo generator based on personality? Take our tattoo quiz now to find out which tattoo you should get next. Even if you aren't completely in love with our recommendation, you will still be inspired for your next piece.

No matter your style - whether you got a scorpion on your neck or your favorite song lyrics on your ankle - we've got the next best tattoo idea for you. And this is more than just a random tattoo generator. These questions speak to your style, personality, and the history of art you have on your body already to get you the right tattoo inspiration for your next piece.

Is this your first tattoo? Perfect - this tattoo quiz has simple tattoo design recommendations for even the tiniest tattoos. And if you want to make a statement, portraits and full sleeve recommendations are the way to go. Just answer the questions as honestly as possible in order to get the best tattoo ideas.

Not sure where to get your new tattoo? Take this Where To Get a Tattoo Quiz after you're finished with our tattoo generator to get the best placement ideas. Just be warned - tattoos are addicting. Even if this is your first tattoo, you'll be back sooner than you think for your next, so stock up on some tattoo inspiration with our Tattoos For Men and Women quizzes.

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