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Are you a sissy? Do you know how to stand up for yourself? Or do you maybe need a little more practice when it comes to putting up boundaries? Take this Sissy quiz now to find out and share your results with your friends.


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Am I a Sissy?

You're probably NOT a sissy, but you can't be perfectly sure until you answer the questions in this Are You A Sissy Quiz. Find out for certain if you have what it takes to stick up for yourself or if you need to have a few more pep talks in the mirror first.

Take This Fun Sissy Quiz

Even if you're possibly a sissy, none of our questions are backed by any scientific research. This is just a fun sissy test to give yourself a laugh and maybe think about the way you stand up for yourself and others.

What is a Sissy?

How you answer the questions in this sissy quiz will determine what level of sissiness you're at. Whether you're a half-sissy, almost a sissy, or definitely a sissy will depend on your lifestyle, including hobbies, style, and relationships. The more honest your answers, the more accurate your results.

Who's the Biggest Sissy?

When you get your results, you'll see how you compare to your friends and other quizzers with a pie chart breaking down everyone's results. Share our Am I A Sissy quiz with your friends to find out which one in your group is the biggest sissy.

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Sissy Quiz

Who's the biggest sissy in your group? It couldn't be you, could it? Take our Am I a Sissy quiz now to be sure. People will always try to push you around, and sometimes we need to find the courage to stand on our own two feet and push back. Find out now just how much of a sissy you are or if you need to take a little more time to practice how to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

Find out if you're a sissy by answering a few questions about your hobbies, the kinds of people you like to hang out with, and what you think your role will be in the future. Being a sissy doesn't mean you're weak, but it does mean you might have to watch your back when people come through acting tough.

Do you have what it takes to stand up for yourself? Find out now with this funny sissy test. Don't worry, results aren't permanent or supported by any psychological or scientific research. If you don't like your results the first time, take the sissy quiz again to see if you are definitely a sissy or only a little bit.

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wow im really not one
im definitley a sissy
I am definitely not a sissy!
I was in the middle lol
I'm definitely a sissy!!!!!
I'm definitely a Sissy that is for sure
Definitely not a sissy