Signs Your Marriage Is Over

How do you know when you are done with your marriage? Learn to recognize the signs your marriage is over before you hastily end a relationship with someone you love. Take this Signs Your Marriage Is Over Quiz to find out the truth.


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When should you let go of a marriage?

The questions in this unhappy marriage quiz are designed to make you look at your relationship in a different light. Tell us how much you're willing to fight to save your marriage and we'll tell you if the signs you're seeing mean the marriage is over.

Is my marriage in trouble?

We didn't consult any marriage counselors when making this Is My Marriage Over Test, so we can't promise to fix your relationship, but we can encourage you to take on a new perspective to determine if the signs you see are real indicators of trouble.

What are signs of an unhealthy marriage?

Signs your marriage is over for him or her can vary. To get the best results, answer these questions as honestly as possible. We can't tell you when you should walk away from your marriage if you aren't honest about your feelings toward your partner.

Should I end my marriage?

When it comes to relationships, we turn to a lot of people for advice. Friends and family members are always more than eager to share their opinions, so share our Is My Marriage Over Quiz with friends to get feedback on your relationship ASAP.

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Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Some things aren't meant to last forever, but you deserve to be happy. If your marriage is ending, it doesn't mean the world is ending, but it also doesn't mean you can't save your relationship. If there is still a fight left in you, you and your spouse may be able to work it out.

Our When to End a Marriage Quiz can help you get a new perspective on your spouse's behavior and better understand the signs you're seeing. Before you assume these are signs your marriage is ending, take a step back and answer a few relationship quiz questions first. How often you fight with each other and who you turn to for marital advice can impact how you interpret these signs your marriage is ending. Relationships end when people rush into decisions, and your marriage could already be over if you listen to unsound advice or just give up without a fight.

You can turn your marriage around if there are just minor issues. Talk with your spouse before letting minor issues snowball, but if you start to sound like a broken record, it may be time to walk away.

Take this quiz now to figure out if the signals you're getting are signs your marriage is ending or not. Not married yet? Take our Will I Ever Get Married Quiz to find out what the future could bring.

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