Love Match Test

Find out if you and your crush would make a successful love match. Our couple compatibility test will evaluate your romance and reveal if you two are truly meant to be together. You don't currently need to be in a relationship to take this quiz. Just keep your favorite someone in mind to get the most accurate results.


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How do you know if you're compatible with someone?

There's more to true love than first sight. Answer questions about your relationship to find out if you're star-crossed lovers or just not meant to be. The accurate love calculator in our love match test will tell you how compatible you are with your crush, current love, or even your ex!

Isn't Falling in Love Fun!

Do you start blushing when you think of your crush? It's time to find out what makes this person so special to you and if it's meant to last. None of the questions in our love test are backed by any scientific research, but you might learn something new about romance along the way.

Always Be Honest in Love

Be true to your heart and answer this love match test as honestly as possible. You can never hide your real feelings (even if you wanted to), so choose the answers that speak to your heart to get the most accurate results.

Share the Love

Do you like your friend's girlfriend? Do they like your partner? Find out how compatible you are with your crush, then share this match test with your friends. No other love quiz test is as accurate.

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Love Match Test

Is it true love? Test your romance with this couple compatibility quiz to see if you're star-crossed lovers, willing to make it work, or simply not meant to be. Everyone looks perfect through rose- colored glasses, but you have to know if this feeling is real. In order to get to the bottom of it, we're going to ask you a couple of questions:

How often do you talk to your crush?

Have you been together for years and still hoping you have that spark?

Are you getting bored with your current relationship?

This love match test is going to ask you more questions all about your relationship and what your friends think of your significant other in order to determine your compatibility. We aren't love doctors or anything, but we do know how fun it is to fall in love with someone special and what can happen when you experience those bumpy roads in your relationship.

The only way to truly know if you're compatible with someone is if you can be yourself around them. Take this love test quiz now to determine your comfort level, your compatibility, and to test your love. See how your romance compares to other love-struck quizzers across the globe, and share your match test results with your friends.

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