Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?
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Do you two ever hang out alone?

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Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?

We all have that special somebody in our life which we would ideally like more than friendship with. It is only natural and a part of human biology and crucial to the existence of the human race to have a companion. We all have a natural scent called pheromones.

No two human beings carry the same scent. And this is not only part of but is a significant factor in two people having attraction and or romantic interest in each other. Of course, other factors are involved, too, such as compatibility and personality traits of the parties involved.

Are you tired of being alone and ready to settle down? Have you already found the man of your dreams but do not know if the feelings are mutual? This is where the Does He Like Me More Than A Friend Quiz comes into play.

Take the Does He Like Me Or Are We Just Friends Quiz to find out if he wants more than friendship. The quiz is going to analyze aspects about both of you, including how you interact with each other, your personality traits, and much more. What are you waiting for? Stop wasting time. You aren't getting any younger!



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