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Could I Be A Model?
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Do you consider yourself to be shy?

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Could I Be A Model?

How tall do you have to be a model? That depends on what kind of model you want to be. How to look like a model starts with self-confidence, not height. Knowing deep down that you have the courage to hit the runway is the only way to answer the age-old question: Would I make a good model?

Let's find out! It's never too late to chase a dream, and if you want to be a fashion model, right now is the perfect time to sit down and figure out if it's the right career path for you. From hand and feet models to international supermodels, our Can I Be a Model Quiz will help you determine which is the perfect pose for you.

We wrote a handful of thoughtful questions in this Are You a Model Quiz to determine if you have what it takes to work the runway. Even if you're clumsy, short, or unconventionally pretty, you could still learn how to start modeling today if you really wanted to. Or maybe you'll find that you're better suited for something else. There are many roles to play in a modeling career, and we can help you discover yours.

Could I be a model? Behind or in front of the camera, you could be on your way to becoming a model. Time to find out if your modeling career is just a click away!



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