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Can We Guess Your Nationality?

Can we guess your nationality? Give us some clues about where you live - or where you grew up - to see if we can guess which continent you're on. Little things can give you away, like your handwriting and what kind of pet you have, so be as honest as possible so we can guess your nationality.


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Guess My Nationality

We're here to guess which continent you live on. Answer some questions about your hometown and your favorite sports. Tell us about the weather and whether or not you have good handwriting, and we'll take a guess at your nationality.

Nationality vs. Ethnicity

Different from nationality, ethnicity refers to one's personal identity related to social groups. Since none of our questions are backed by socio-cultural or geographic research, this is less a Guess My Ethnicity quiz and more a nationality guessing game about where you reside.

Put Our Knowledge to the Test

Some theorize that people of similar nationalities share similar characteristics and our Guess My Nationality quiz puts that theory to the test. Answer the following questions to the best of your ability and be as honest as possible for the most accurate results.

Can we guess your friends' nationality?

Friends come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter where your friends are from, there's something special that brings us all together. Can we guess your BFF's nationality? Share this quiz with your friends to put our skills to the test.

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Can We Guess Your Nationality?

Each of us is unique, and we all have distinct characteristics depending on which continent we (and our ancestors) live on. Those with similar nationalities share similar characteristics, and the kinds of foods we eat, the friendships we seek out, even the way we burp and sneeze are influenced by where we live.

If you answer the following questions about where you grew up as accurately as possible, we bet we can guess your continental nationality.

Put our skills to the test in this free Guess My Nationality quiz. We aren't anthropologists, but we do know how to have fun, and this playful quiz is more a test of our common knowledge than a geographical exam. And unlike ethnicity, which speaks to your personal identity within your community, we just want a chance to guess which continent you're on.

Give us a few hints. Tell us about your favorite foods and what kind of instrument you play. Do you live by the ocean? Do you know how to ride a horse? Little things like this can give away details about where you live, so give it a shot. Get your results, share with your friends, and let us know - can we guess your nationality?

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I am Eastern European and I got America like wha-
Last time i checked i was romanian, but i guess i am american now...
at least thai or vietnamese would work, bec I am Filipino lol! But it says I am african hahah! anyway africans love food and music!
That actually guessed where I'm from!? lol I'm from Eastern Europe(Bulgaria)