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Can We Guess Your Age?

You will see 12 questions. We will try to guess your age based on your answers.


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Are You An Old Soul?

You are about to begin the age quiz. You will be asked a variety of questions regarding specific topics and values. The questions range from the genre of music you prefer, hobbies and interests. Some of these questions will ask about popular tv shows from specific periods in time.

Finally, The Truth Comes Out

After you finish the 'Guess Your Age' quiz, you should have a better understanding of who you are. This quiz will show you how submerged you are in the fountain of youth or how far gone in old age you are. You will know if you are older or younger than you should be.

You Only Live Once

You only get one shot at life, so make it count. You don't want to die with a bunch of regrets, do you? This quiz will guess your age. Many get a sense of amusement after participating and seeing their results. It may be time to slow down a bit, or you may decide that you are letting life pass you by.

Pass The Torch

We all have that one friend who doesn't like to share. Don't be that guy or girl. Pass this quiz on to everyone you know, and find out whether your friends are youthful or old souls. The clock is ticking, and you aren't getting any younger. Show everyone you know the age quiz!

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Can We Guess Your Age?

One reason that some people do not look their age is the advancement of medical technology. More people are getting cosmetic surgery, which alters their appearance. If they choose a skilled surgeon, you will not even be able to tell that they had work done. They have paid to turn back the clock.

The other reason that people don't look their age is that young boys and girls are starting puberty earlier than in previous generations. There are many theories about why this is happening. The most popular theory is that processed foods are exposing children to hormones. We may never know the real reason why, but many children look older than they would have 100 years ago.

Societal guidelines about appropriate behavior have become much less rigid. It is now acceptable for young people to dress and act much older than they are. Our aging population is much healthier now, so many older people continue doing activities and wearing clothes that are associated with younger generations.

Taking this quiz will make guessing your age less challenging. It will also bring an element of fun to the task as well. After all, what do you have to lose? Can we guess your age? Don't delay, and see if we can guess your age today.

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Your opinions

Wow, it said 16. I’m going to turn 16 next month.
says I'm 46, and it is correct.
This is very accurate.
I'm 15, and it said 16.
same as Neil R
I got 16, but I'm 17
I'm 11, but I got 12
I got 16 but I’m 14 close enough