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What Bird Are You?
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What kind of conversation do you prefer

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What Bird Are You?

Human beings and birds have a lot in common. There is a mantra that says, 'birds of the same feather flock together.' That could not be more true. You are more likely to get along with someone you can relate to and have more in common with.

Just like birds, humans move or migrate every so often for various reasons. And just like birds, humans are vertebrates, meaning an animal with a backbone. There are over ten thousand species of birds. Similarly, there are hundreds or even maybe thousands of different types of languages and nationalities that make humans from other parts of the world distinct from each other.

Human beings, just as birds, are warm-blooded creatures that consist of a four-chambered heart. Are you curious to know what kind of bird you would be? Take the what bird are you quiz to find out. This quiz is designed to do much more than tell you what kind of bird you would be. The bird personality quiz is designed to teach you more about who you are as a person. Hopefully, by participating in this activity, you walk away with a stronger sense of self and learn something valuable.



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