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Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? Do you see the silver lining in all situations or do you take a more cynical approach? Find out now with this online quiz!


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Key Questions to Find Your Personality Type

When it comes to optimist vs. pessimist vs. realist, there are no wrong answers. The questions in this optimist or pessimist quiz are all about your personal outlook on life. Your unique perspective in all situations will determine where you fall in this optimist pessimist realist test.

Fun Personality Quiz

Our optimist or pessimist quiz isn't backed by any scientific research, but you'll still have fun learning more about the way you look at life. You might even be inspired to take a whole new approach to life after reading the results!

How Do You Look at Life?

Am I a realist? Depending on how you answer this personality test will show whether you're an optimist, pessimist, or just more of a realist. Follow your gut and answer honestly. Honest answers will give you a more accurate result.

Share Your Perspective with Your Friends!

Are you more optimistic than other quizzers? Take the quiz! Find out where you fall on the spectrum of optimist and realist vs. pessimist and then share your results with your friends. You'll also get a pie chart showing how other quizzers compare.

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Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?

When the going gets tough, do you get cynical? Or do you try to see light in a dark situation? No matter how you look at it, knowing HOW you're going to look at it is pretty insightful when it comes to understanding your personality better.

Answer a few questions about your point of view and how you like to approach life to find out what kind of optimist vs. pessimist vs. realist personality you have. Everyone's perspective is unique, and yours is influenced by the experiences you've had and the people you've known in your life.

Past experiences can play a big part in your future, and they will influence your answers and the results of this optimist or pessimist quiz. Answer the questions as honestly as your memory serves, and remember to have fun!

You are in charge of your life and the way you approach it, and these results will give you a closer look at the way your personality works. Whether you prepare for the worst, seek the silver lining, or roll with the punches, knowing which way your personality points can be the insight you need to make that next big decision.

So - are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

You will discover the answer to the question "Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?".

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the glass isn't half full nor half empty, it's full. They never said half full of liquid. Air is filling the other half
my life is changed by my own hand
Its half full for me bcs empty sounds meaningless if you got what i mean. So i rather it be half full than half empty. For example, you have $100. Which one do you prefer? "I spent $50" or "i still have $50". I prefer to still have $50 than lost $50
Sunny side up!