Are You an Empath or a Narcissist?

Are you an empath or a narcissist? Empaths are genuinely in touch with other people's feelings and quick to offer a listening ear. Narcissists can come off as self-centered but are often unaware of it. Does this sound like you? Take our narcissist or empath test now to find out.


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What are empaths?

An empath feels for others, a narcissist cares only for their own needs, but not everyone is one or the other. We have both tendencies inside us. How you answer the questions in our empath vs narcissist quiz will determine where you fall on the empath and narcissist spectrum.

Am I a narcissist if I have empathy?

We don't need advanced psychology degrees to know that people are a combination of traits and not just one. Narcissists can still empathize with others, and empaths can be self-centered sometimes. Have fun and be yourself when you answer these questions to get the best results.

How do you tell if I am an empath?

Depending on how you react to a friend's emotions determines if you are an empath. Empaths are well-known for being supportive and excellent listeners who help others. Consider how your friends would describe you as you answer the questions in our Am I a Narcissist Or an Empath quiz.

Are my friends empaths?

Share your results now to see how you compare to other quizzers and find out if your friends are empaths, narcissists, or a balance of the two. These narcissist or empath quiz results could be insightful when it comes to your friends and relationships.

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Are You an Empath or a Narcissist?

Ever wondered if you're an empath or a narcissist? An empath is in tune with the emotions and feelings of others and often takes the weight of those emotions onto themselves. Empaths are good listeners with kind hearts who look out for those they care about, sometimes to a fault.

On the other hand, narcissists tend to only think of themselves. They aren't above sacrificing the happiness of others for their own, and you may find them ignoring other people's feelings completely.

If you're curious about which you might be, take this personality quiz now. You may find that you have a combination of both traits, something you may not even be aware of yet!

It is completely possible to be an empathic narcissist, or someone who manipulates others' emotions for personal gain. And it's entirely plausible for a heartwarming empath to have a few narcissistic tendencies. For example, being selfish and setting boundaries are often necessary for a relationship, even if it is considered to be a little self-centered.

Knowing where you fall on the spectrum between empath and narcissist can tell you a lot about yourself. No matter who you are or where you are in life, it can help to have a balance when it comes to serving others and treating yourself. It may also inspire you to make some positive changes when you find out - Are you a narcissist or an empath?

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Im a little bit of a narcissist. I would agree with it. I'm working hard on this particular issue, so I decided to take this quiz to see where I would land.
I'm an empath and I have to find a way to set boundaries so people can not run over me anymore
I'm a little bit of an empath... I need to grow a backbone and not give a sh** what people think. I am still learning slowly how to become comfortable letting people know exactly how I feel. In my family there are some narcissistic behaviors that occur, and I took this to make sure I am not the narcissist...cause I ended up feeling like I may be crazy. Anyway... lol thank goodness I am not the very thing I can't stand.( Narcissists )
I got a narcissistic empath. I don't think I'm a narcissist, but I'm definitely not an empath, so I guess this result best describes me. And I'm so confused as to how there are 11,325 results (this number will go up as more people do this quiz) but no comments. I think this is a great quiz!!! It was one of those first quizzes that I did before I created my Quizony account. :-)