Are You An Alpha, Beta or Omega?

Are you Alpha Beta or Omega? Take the omegaverse test now to find out if you're the Alpha personality leading the pack, a supportive Beta, or you might just find out that you're actually a chill ambivert Omega!


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This Alpha-Beta-Omega quiz is made up of questions all about YOU! Tell us how you'd react in certain situations, what you like to do at parties, your opinions, and your preferences. Make sure you answer every question to find out if you're truly an Alpha, Beta, or Omega personality.


The omegaverse is a great way to find out how you fit into your personal relationships, but this quiz isn't supported by any scientific research. Have fun and learn a little bit about yourself along the way. Take the Alpha-Beta-Omega test now and share it with your friends!


There are no wrong answers here so trust your gut. Online personality quizzes give the best results when you answer with your intuition, so don't think too hard about the omegaverse. You already know the answers, so follow your heart.


Once you get your results, tell your friends where you fit into the omegaverse. Share the omegaverse test and find out if your friends are an Alpha, Omega, or Beta! You'll also see a piece chart showing where you compare to other quizony quizzers.

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Are You An Alpha, Beta or Omega?

Alpha/Omega/Beta - which one are you? Knowing where you fit into the omegaverse can provide a lot of insight into how you approach your relationships. If you're starting a new romance or just want to strengthen the friendships you have, learn your omegaverse personality type and bring your relationships to the next level.

Find out if you like to take charge as an Alpha, roll with the punches like an Omega, or support your crew through thick and thin like a Beta. Maybe you'll find that you're a combination of two or more omegaverse personalities - like the quiet introvert who loves to be the center of attention with their closest friends. This could lead to some exciting new self-discoveries!

Be true to your authentic self when you take this quiz. Honest answers will get the most insightful results, and you'll learn more about yourself and how to approach your significant others if you give truthful answers.

What omegaverse personality type am I? Am I Alpha or Beta? Find out now! Once you know which type you are, you can start looking for partners who complement your personality. Take this fast and fun personality quiz to find out if you have an Alpha personality, an Omega, or Beta.

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Your opinions

Me over here being an omega...........
im a beta i kinda knew cuz i hate being in the spotlight and i always rather be alone doing what i like and want
im a alpha seen it coming because people dont mess with me or try anything around me bc i dont mess around especially when it comes to my mate
Im an omega, they really got the ambivert part right
Didn't expect to be an omega was kinda sure I'd be a beta
I got what i wanted OMEGA ;)
I really don't like being an omega I really wanna be the boss like an Alpha but not an omega , wellwho cares can't change who I am so ya know
I’m an omega I kinda knew it from the beginning anyways