Witch Test: Are You A Real Witch?
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True or False: Sticking a knife in the ground keeps it from raining.

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Witch Test: Are You A Real Witch?

This isn't your ordinary 'Am I a Witch' quiz. We want to find out if you're in touch with your magical side, or do you take a more pragmatic approach? There are no wrong answers here - we just want to know: how witchy are you?

To be honest, everyone has a little magic within them. If you can tap into it easily, you might just have some magic in your blood! But if it's a little harder to see, that doesn't mean you aren't a witch, it just means you need a little more practice. Are you a witch quizzes like this one can help you pinpoint where you fall on the spectrum.

Answer a few questions about the kinds of dreams you have, the ways you speak to your intuition, and how lucky you are to get to the bottom of your magic mojo. You might find out that your practice has paid off and you are undeniably a witch! If the results show that you aren't as witchy as you want, it just means more research is needed!

The results of this quiz can shine light on where you are, but only you know the true magic in your heart. No matter how much of a witch you are, don't ever give up on your magic.



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