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Every true anime fan needs an anime name - but you can't choose just ANY anime character names. Anime names should represent your spirit and personality! This fun anime name generator quiz will isolate your dominant characteristics and assign you an insightful anime name.


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What is the coolest anime name?

You tell us! Are you calm and powerful like Princess Mononoke, or do you carry a gentle, kind soul like Naruto? To find out which anime name suits your personality best, answer a few questions about your favorite anime characters, power colors, and the animal you relate to most.

What is my anime name?

We haven't finished Deathnote yet, so please, don't take us too seriously. Our random anime name generator isn't backed by research but by our favorite animes and what the character names mean to the story. What will your anime name say about you?

How do I find my anime name?

Are you a lover or a fighter? Japanese names carry special meanings to those who go by them, so answer honestly to get the most accurate anime character name generator. If you're optimistic, shy, or just love to dance - how you answer will determine your anime name.

Can you guess my friends' anime names?

Whoever you are, every anime fan deserves their own anime name generator. All of the names in our anime name quiz are gender-neutral, and you can share your anime name with friends to see how you compare with other quizzers.

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Anime Name Generator

We know you love anime, but have you thought about what your anime name could be?

A name is important. It's a title you carry that sets you apart in a crowd and speaks to the soul of who you are. Discovering your anime name will give you more insight into your personality and how you navigate through this story called life.

Whether you're locked in an epic battle like Naruto and Sasuke or just wandering the countryside as a rurouni, we all have a part to play. Our anime name generator will dissect your personality in 29 questions and tell you which anime character name speaks to your role and where your future's headed.

Are you the Main Character? Maybe, with a kind and gentle soul, like Yuu. On the other hand, if you're full of love or carry on with an optimistic attitude, you could be Sora, with their head in the clouds. Or maybe you're the friend we all turn to in times of need, like the wizened wizard Kyo, which means 'cooperation.'

Take this anime name generator quiz now to find out your anime character name and then share it with your friends. Once you know your character names, you can start writing your very own manga! Remember, this is your story, and it's only just beginning.

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Your opinions

I got kyo i like my anime name
Aika or Ren. Kinda cute ngl
I got Yasu, and then did another quiz, so my name is Yasu Kaede >:D
Kyo and ı love that name! İt means “now” and ı will make my bs name Kyo!
Eyo peeps Go to waiting room and find ''what is your Anime Last name?'' and then Plus this and Boom thats yo full Anime Name its the BEST i got Yasu or Mamoru Misharua and my BF got Kyo Namada
the two that i got were Yasu or Mamoru they both fit me i am calm and will protect my friends + family
i got aika or ren. so honored!!
i got REN OR AKIA, Nice quiz
bruh, Yuu.... Gentle, kind and affectionate character?? wdym hahaha
Im yasu description is spot on i love how accurate this quiz is and i love the choice