Am I Afraid Of Commitment?
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Do you seem to find a problem in everyone you date?

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Am I Afraid Of Commitment?

Are you starting to wonder why you're single all the time? Could it be that you're afraid of commitment? Opening up and being vulnerable is one of the biggest reasons why people end relationships.

If you love someone but are afraid of commitment, take our Do I Have Commitment Issues quiz now to find out what you can do to overcome this phobia.

How do you know if you're scared of commitment? Of course, every relationship is different, but it's important to learn how to recognize your flight-or-fight response if you're wondering about a fear of commitment. Think about it this way - if you run away from responsibilities and avoid commitments at work or with friends, you probably also have a hard time fighting to keep your romantic partners.

Does this sound like you? Then you might have a fear of commitment. Don't worry - our fear of relationship commitment test will tell you how scared you are and what you can do to overcome this phobia. Everyone's a little afraid of commitment, but if it's standing in the way of your happiness, perhaps it's time to consider talking to someone about how you feel and making some positive changes.

Take the Am I Scared of Commitment quiz now to start getting past your fear of commitment.



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