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A Social Rights Warrior

You're on your way to becoming an agent of change in the world. With your compassion for others and your ear to the ground, it won't be long before you find yourself joining the fight in a big way. The world needs more warriors like you!

A Happy Camper

You're on your way to a happy, content place if you're not already there. You have a positive outlook that can't be swayed by life events or a changing environment, so you're going to be happy no matter what. Congratulations I'm jealous.

A Published Author

You have ideas and eventually you will find the drive to share them. You may already have some books in the works as we speak! Go ahead and put pen to paper, because you're on your way to having books on the shelves. Will you sign one for me?

A World-Renowned Speaker

You're a mover and a shaker. You're getting things done and you show no signs of stopping. Within five years, you'll be giving TED talks and you'll be known for your powerful speeches and transformational presentations. Go get 'em.

A Classy Socialite

You're climbing the social ladder and it won't be long before you're invited to the hottest parties and everyone knows your name when you walk in the door. People just like having you around, because you always bring a smile and a laugh that brightens the room. Hope you're ready for a wild ride!

An Average Joe

You don't particularly like to stand out and that probably won't change in the next five years. You're not seeking fame or fortune, just a happy life with your family and friends. Because of that, you will most likely be content and living an average (yet wonderfully fulfilling!) life in five years as you most likely already are now.

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