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A name that means lady or princess, Sarah perfectly captures both your elegance and inner strength. You are refined and confident. You never have any self-doubt. People can never make you second guess your decisions.


You should share a name with a great British Queen, because you are both powerful and forceful. You are noble and determined. You know your rights and you fight for them. People respect and look up to you.


You are graceful and kind, generous and giving. You want to help others and you want to help your community. You love to volunteer. What you really want is to make a difference with your life.


Heather grows in rocky places such as hills and mountains, which perfectly represents your independent nature and brave heart. You never let fear get in the way. You never worry about what might happen. You are wild and you are free.


You are a rare jewel?a truly unique human being who stands out in a crowd and is always comfortable being genuine and a true individual. You don't make excuses for yourself or for other people. You are passionate and inspiring. You really know who you are. You always say what you think.


Camilla is the name of a legendary female warrior, which perfectly fits you as you were born to be a leader. You can make the tough decisions. You're never afraid of taking on responsibilities. You always have new ideas and new goals.