Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie plague spreads very quickly and has almost turn humanity into zombies.Three survivors are trying to restore humanity back but first they have to find the cure...
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Zombie Apocalypse

The year 2040 is when the zombie apocalypse began. The hospitals were full of doctors trying to find the cure but they never did. The patients all turn into zombies. Helicopters soar above the destruction." Get ready! ''Steve shouted over the sound of the helicopters.'' Jump down on my signal! '' '' Now!'' Steve said. The team began t drop down with their parachutes. They split up and started killing some zombies. '' There's too many zombies! ''Rick said '' help!'' ''Roger that! We're coming!''Tyler and Steve said. They jump over the cars and ran to help Rick. They took their guns and started to shoot the zombies. They killed the zombies and ran over to the hospital. '' We have to save the doctors,'' Rick said. They went inside the hospital but it was too late. All of the doctors have turned into zombies. The team quickly open fire and killed the zombies. They quickly ran into a room and locked the door. The zombies outside were reaching their hands through the huge cracks of the door. The room was dark and cold. Rick said'' We don't have much time,'' '' Those zombies will try to break open the door!'' '' We need to find a way out of here,''Steve said. They sneak to the back door of the room and broke it. They quickly ran out of the hospital and called the helicopter signal. '' We are down in the hospital near the tallest building,'' ''Quick! The zombies will come soon!'' The helicopters went down and crashed. '' We need to find another way out of here!'' Tyler said. Suddenly, a helicopter that looked brand new came down. '' Don't worry! Trust me,'' The man in the helicopter said.'' Let's get out of here,'' The man said and they flew away

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