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Zain and Alyona

Alyona and Zain are normal 15-year-olds. But... a little different. Zain hates his father, but his mother doesn't know about how abusive her husband is to her son. Zain wants to own an art gallery, but his father refuses to take him to the right school. Alyona very much has mental problems. ADHD, epilepsy, and asthma, life is hard. Her father walked out 13 years ago after Alyona discovered that he was cheating on her mom. When they both make big mistakes, they both get sent to the same mental hospital, and become more than just allies...
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Chapter 1 of 4 - Alyona

Alyona was sitting in her room. She was nothing. At least, that's what she said to people. She missed Kazakhstan. The country she moved from. She had short brown hair, shiny brown skin, and eyes as black as night. Her teachers would say, “oh, that Alyona Moss. She's a little beast! She has terrible grades!” And they did until she was expelled from school for fighting. A girl had been bullying her for years. It's what started her ADHD. She punched, hit, kicked, bit... and the girl said it was all her. But right before Alyona did anything, the girl beat HER up, and even worse. But it was still just Alyona. Then, she was homeschooled. Everything was okay... but her mom couldn't afford to send her to a good school where she could study and practice photography. Zain. He was Comoran. He had spiky black hair, walnut skin, and black eyes like Alyona. He just seemed to be depressed. People asked if he was bullied, cause he had bruises, but no. It was his father. He was a little short. People did bully him, but a single punch drove them off. Nothing was okay. And later that one day, he gets so fed up.... he assaults his father. He barely lived. Alyona's mom was on a trip. She grabbed a knife and sat in the yard. She slowly stared at it. And tried to stab herself. Then, a neighbor saw. The kind old lady that Alyona loved, because the lady, Annika, loved her. Alyona dear, WHAT are you doing?! Annika asked in a fearful tone. Alyona stopped, but was still covered in blood. She and Zain were both sent to Marybeth Welldo's mental hospital for teens and children. And what happens to them?


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