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Worst days at school

This is about the crush life of a teenage girl, how she began to be hated and ended up doing things know one ever thought she would. Everyone thought she was an A student and very humble, the good girl who'll never do wrong. As they say "good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught".
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Chapter 1 of 5 - First time of having a crush

Far far away in a lovely city with wonderful schools,a young by was enrolled into Valley Junior High school. She thought she had it all,love,money and friends who would support her all the way but these things changed in her sight. The name's Annette Ramsey. I'm a 14yrs old girl a junior in Valley Junior high. I wouldn't say I'm a nerd because I've got the social life but I'm quite,timid and shy once you're new around me. I'm that sweet angel a parent would want and teachers would like to have in their class. I maintain a GPA of 4.9 and I make sure I don't drop but go higher else my parents would hate me. I've always stayed with my aunt before my mom came for me and transferred me to this school. Everyone knows me to be the timid and we'll behaved one but are they sure.My life takes a great turn when a charming boy stepped foot into my school,my class to be exact. He was a junior as well so we were in the same class. He never noticed me but I kinda felt this attraction towards him. I was happy when I told one of my besties whom I just became close friends with after 2days when she told me I'm having a crush on him. Before he noticed me, there was this feud that he lied about a girl doing something she didn't. She would be hooted at when she comes to school and would sometimes go home crying. I didn't know the whole truth but I believed him. He Bagan to notice me and took my number from a friend. When we were on a vacation he would call to check up on me. One day he asked who my crush was and I told him I have none. He kept forcing me to tell and since he was so caring and would talk to me everyday,I told him he's the one I like. He told me he liked me too. I was very happy but what I didn't know was that he had snooped behind my back and told my other best friend I said I liked him but he doesn't. I found out later and it was too late for the harm had already been done. I just went with the flow. Our second year was the best and wasn't. So much drama and arguments.


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