Somewhere deep in the concealed forests, apart from the rest of Wealton Town, is a small pool of water that had the power of life and death. What emerges from its depths has always been a mystery, until a young boy by the name of Oliver Mindel discovers its secrets and experiences many new things beyond the forbidden borders of the town.

Created by: fire_dont_fly

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Chapter 5 of 5 - Midnight

It was almost moon high. Oliver was excited because he was just about to use his wings for the first time. Aldrich told Oliver to meet him by Arcanum tonight for practice. Oliver stretched his wings and flapped them a few times to warm up. He trembled every time he felt the wind from his wings blow against his back. Arcanum's waters glow in the night, reflecting the moon's figure in its surface. Aldrich came out from behind a few trees and walked over to Oliver. His wings were not as bold in the moonlight, but mine shined like a thousand fireflies. "Are you ready for your first lesson?" Aldrich asked, stretching his wings as far as he could behind him. "Ready as I'll ever be!" Oliver replied, standing tall. "Alright then, follow my lead," Aldrich said. He started to flap his wings, "Now, try to flap your wings to the rhythm of mine," Aldrich said, staying close to the ground. Oliver flapped his wings like Aldrich, occasionally stumbling. "You're doing well, this time, try to flap with passion!" Aldrich yelled proudly. Oliver flapped his wings with Aldrich and flew a little off the ground, "I'm doing it! I'm flying!" Oliver yelled with excitement. He tried to fly higher, but instead, one of his wings gave out, and he fell to the ground. "Oh, how am I supposed to keep off the ground?" Oliver said with disappointment. "Remember, Oliver. I was once a bird before Arcanum gave me my form. I already knew how to fly. Did you know how to fly?" "I-" "No, you didn't." "You're right. Let's keep practicing," Oliver said, getting up again. ..... It's been hours of practicing. I'm tired, but determine to fly. My heart is pounding and my head is spinning, but I am not going to quit. Aldrich is helping me a lot, I've been off the ground for thirty seconds! That is my highest record, it isn't much, but it's something. "You're doing an excellent job, I think you're ready," Aldrich said, falling to the ground once more. "Ready for what?" I asked curiously. "You'll see," he replied. Aldrich started to walk away from Arcanum and into the forest. I haven't been outside the forests of Arcanum, what can I expect? Other creatures? Hopefully, they are friendly. I followed closely behind Aldrich, trying to keep up. After I learn how to fly, I might be able to find out my true power. Aldrich said that I could obtain more than one power, maybe someone other than him will help me find it. Alrich stopped at a clearing full of rocks and boulders. He kept walking until he reached the edge of a giant cliff. "W-what are we doing here?" I asked, trying not to worry. "You wanted to learn how to fly, then fly," Alrich replied. He swiftly grabbed me by my arm and swung me off the cliff. I was terrified. I felt like it was the end of my life from here. I tried to flap my wings as Aldrich told me too, but I didn't fly. I kept falling until I felt a rush of power through me. I didn't want my life to end there. I have to fly with passion. I lifted my wings and pushed them to their full potential. As I was about to hit the floor, I flew up away from the ground. Everything was in slow motion from there. Aldrich watched me fly up above the cliff. I could see the dust swirling around me. I stopped and floated in the air, the wind flowed through my feathers. This feeling was fantastic. Aldrich laughed and lifted his arms in the air, "See, I told you you were ready!" Aldrich's colorful wings shown brightly in the moonlight.

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