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Will the fire burn out?

This is the story of a girl named Ember, who doesn't have a very good relationship with her parents. She feels like nobody wants her anymore. Can she beat the sadness and be happy again, or will the fire burn out making her just an ember flickering in the darkness?
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Chapter 1 of 8 - Ember

I am Ember. Yeah, I could've thought of a better first sentence but I guess I'm just lazy. Anyway, I am 12 years old and I live with my cat, called Wink and my mum and my dad in an average size house in a small village. I don't have any siblings, which makes me get really lonely at times, but Wink is always close by so I hang with her most of the time. I would have one sibling, but my mum had a tumor in her stomach so the baby died. That was a few years before I was born. Me and Wink like to go in the garden and play around. It's funny, Wink thinks that she blends in so well in the garden, but it's actually the opposite because she has all black fluff. But back to me, I have dark cinnamon coloured hair with hazel eyes that match. You're probably thinking about how beautiful I look and how all the boys must be crushing on me, but no. In reality I'm so ugly. I hate my appearance so much! Why? Because when I was in year four, I decided to get my hair cut short! Worst decision ever. Trust me, you do not want to cut your hair short, I regret it so bad. Now I'm in year eight, and my hair still isn't normal. I swear it takes forever to grow long again, right now it is just one asymmetrical heap. It is growing, but slowly. Tomorrow I have a hairdressers appointment to cut off the split ends.


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