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What a Wonderful World

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Chapter 3 - Soccer

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Recess came quickly. The whole day, Aphra had spent time with Mia, Rosie and Justin. They had become great friends. But everyone went their separate ways at recess. Mia played soccer. Justin played tag. Rosie read a book. Aphra did not want to interrupt any of her new friends, so she just walked around the track that surrounded a big field. And then she sat down and imagined a world with infinite forests and meadows and wildflowers, a huge library, and Aphra even had the pet ball python she had always wanted. And then she thought about her dad, who was in Germany on a big cruise ship. ~ ~ ~ “Hi honey! How was your first day?” “It was great, actually.” Aphra smiled. “So Aphra, I actually met Mia's mom when I was jogging today. Do you know Mia?” “Yes.” “Oh, well what do you think about trying soccer again?” Aphra thought about this. She had played soccer for eight years, off and on in rec league. She was pretty good. But travel soccer like Mia did? She wasn't sure about this. Her cousin played travel soccer, and she said everything was way more strict than rec. “Ok.” “Cool! Tryouts are next week.”


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