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The unique unicorn that was supposed to go and live on the clouds but not on purpose, came to Earth with her sisters. They are trying hard to get back up to their parents.
parts: 12

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Chapter 1 of 12 - Unicornio intro

You may all think that unicorns like me are impossible and unreal. But I am different. My name is Unicornio. I was supposed to be born on the clouds and only believers in unicorns could see me. But only if they believed with the deepest of their hearts. But I landed on Earth and got used to the circumstances. My entire family is up on the clouds; trying their best to bring me up. Unlike alicorns, unicorns don't have wings. We have a big, big horn though. But some lucky one get invisible wings when they are teens. I was only a baby when I first landed on Earth. I had to be friends with the animals around me. You may be wondering where I ended up. Well, I ended up on some sort of area with big objects that have circles at the bottom and they rolled really fast (cars in human language). Luckily, I landed on the side of a building safely. All the humans around me were non-believers and hence couldn't see me. I walked away from the city to the nearest forest so I could be away from the humans. I was gad ( glad+sad) to see that all those people did not believe in me but, if they did, then I wouldn't have made it here. What Unicornio didn't know was that one person in the traffic jam, did believe in unicorns and saw Unicornio.


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